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Many dryer functioning concerns are induced by inadequate ventilation or overloading the clothes dryer

Vancouver, WA-– People often ask the Vancouver dryer service expert why he would post dryer repair and troubleshooting pointers on his site. Because he earns his living repairing clothes dryers isn’t it to his disadvantage to present all this help and advice? Absolutely not, according to the Vancouver Dryer Pro.


Though the Vancouver Dryer Pro ardently forewarns against DIY clothes dryer repair, he recognizes that many sensible homeowners are capable of resolving some straightforward problems. He’s not worried that an educational blog post will put him out of business … rather the contrary. People will discover his credibility in the appliance repair area and call if they need help.


Clothes dryers are practical, but solid appliances that need occasional maintenance to promote optimal performance and efficiency. When a clothes dryer starts to lose efficiency it is most likely an airflow problem generated by lint build-up in the dryer vent. Homeowners ought to clean their dryer vent system routinely or contact a dryer vent cleaning service to deal with this problem.


If any other dryer complications come about or the dryer stops working completely then the Vancouver Dryer Pro at is the most suitable service provider in the area. Several of the dryer complications and solutions listed on the Vancouver Dryer Pro web page consist of:


  • Clothes dryer runs but does not heat up– May be a bad thermal fuse
  • Dryer stops during cycles– may be an issue with the drive motor
  • Clothes dryer timer isn’t turning off– may be worn internal contacts
  • Clothes dryer runs but clothes never dry– it could be a broken heating element
  • Thumping sound and screeching noises– possible a worn or damaged dryer drum seal
  • Clothes dryer runs when the door is open– perhaps a worn or damaged door switch
  • Dryer cycles alright yet clothing gets wrinkled– Overloading is one cause of this problem; also the timer or control can malfunction and impair the cool down cycle which reduces wrinkling.


As explained by the dryer repair professional most dryer problems, including those specified above, might also be a result of lint accumulation causing inadequate ventilation or overloading the dryer. No matter what the problem is, the local dryer pros can establish and provide a satisfactory solution.


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