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LED Lighting products: Unrivaled value, Superior performance and Energy Efficiency


Norske Electric, an Eden Prairie electrician is greatly endorsed by area residents and entrepreneurs searching for an LED lighting service provider. The residential and commercial electrician with Norske Electric explains that LED lighting options, which has increased in popularity for their unequaled value, functionality and efficiency, has many benefits and uses.


As explained by the Eden Prairie electrician, LED lighting provides a wonderful return on the financial investment. The high-efficiency, low-maintenance lighting has a longer life-span and works well for various applications. LED lighting is a universal-fit system created for trustworthy functionality with new or retrofit ventures and crafted for the best possible light distribution.


Norske Electric will send a licensed electrician to do an analysis to work with the customer in picking out the appropriate lighting for all their needs. A few of the uses of LED lighting include:


LED Canopy Down Light — This lighting option has a universal fit system applicable to both retrofit undertakings and new development and supplies up to 73 % total energy savings versus non-LED components. It enhances visibility with vivid, clear, even lighting which furnishes gentle illumination on surrounding areas to create a secure and comfortable client experience.


Walk-in and Reach-in Chillers– LED upright lighting dispenses a glare-free illumination with a hidden source. The true white lights bolster product visibility and the cool-touch lighting with motion sensors advance cooler efficiency with about 85 % total energy savings.


Border Tubing or Accent Lights– LED-based tubing is more durable and energy efficient, requiring less voltage compared with neon lighting. It is developed to use in accentuating the canopy or equipment and is offered in a selection of colors and sizes.


Inside and Exterior Soffit Lighting– LED linear overhead soffit lighting is the ultimate efficient area lighting alternative for indoor and exterior applications with dimming option or motion sensors available.


Norske Electric is a family-owned, family-run and family-focused Edina electrical supplier for both residential and commercial clients. Their professional electrical contractors service new developments, fix-ups, high-end houses, tenant space build-out and common simple electrical demands.


Norske Electric guarantees high quality, integrity and first-class service with a smile. They similarly offer round the clock emergency service for all domestic and commercial electrical needs. To provide high-quality service, contractors are licensed, bonded and properly insured.

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